Once you’ve registered with Bulldog Auctionz, you will be assigned a bidder number and a password. Within each auction announcement listed on our home page, you will see a link that says: Click here to bid online now. Once you’ve clicked on the link you will see the items within the auction, to the far right of each auction, there will be two data entry boxes. The one to the left is where you enter your bid amount. The box to the right is where you enter your max bid. Max bid is generally when you KNOW your limit to what you will pay for the item & don’t have the time to keep visiting the site to increase your bids if needed. Your max bid may also be outbid. You will receive email notifications of the status of your bids. *note: Any bids made in the last few minutes of the auction will cause the auction to be extended for up to four minutes longer to prevent bid sniping and to give everyone a fair chance at bidding.

At the end of each auction, the credit card you provided for purchases will automatically be charged (bidding premiums, sales taxes, etc.) and you will be sent an invoice/receipt detailing your purchases and total as “paid in full”. On the invoice, you will see the address and times set for pick-ups. It is not necessary for you to bring your invoice to the auction house for pick-ups. We will have a copy on hand. The invoice mailed to you IS your receipt. *please note. if your card is declined when our system charges your card at the end of an auction, your bidding privileges will be suspended until a valid credit card is on file.

You can view or edit your personal data online for many of our services. You can also make choices about our collection and use of your data. How you can access or control your personal data will depend on which services you use. You can choose whether you wish to receive promotional communications from our web site by email, SMS, physical mail, and telephone. If you receive promotional email or SMS messages from us and would like to opt out, you can do so by following the directions in that message. You can also make choices about the receipt of promotional email, telephone calls, and postal mail by visiting and signing into Company Promotional Communications Manager, which allows you to update contact information, manage contact preferences, opt out of email subscriptions, and choose whether to share your contact information with our partners. These choices do not apply to mandatory service communications that are part of certain web site services.

When you find an item you’d like to bid on, there are two options. Depending on your availability to update your bids. 1. You can enter the minimum bid amount which will be displayed in the area to left of the bid entry boxes under the column title “next bid required”. All of our auctions start at $1.00, but the increments increase as the highest bid increases. If you have a fixed amount you’d like to submit, you can enter your bid in the box to the right which is for “max bids”. Other bidders can’t see your max bid amount and will be automatically outbid by you until they’ve outbid YOUR max bid. Any bids made in the last few minutes of the auction will cause the auction to be extended for up to four minutes longer to prevent bid sniping and to give everyone a fair chance at bidding.

We do not usually offer assistance with carrying items to your car or help loading them. We will bring all items to the entrance of the warehouse where they can be carried out by yourself or any help that you bring along. Our staff needs to be available to assist with other customer pickups at all times during pick-up days. There may be exceptions made if an employee is available. Just ask our auction staff.

Sorry, only our Las Vegas location offers shipping. All other locations do not offer shipping services at this time.

If you are unable to pick up your items on either of the scheduled pick-up days listed on your invoice, items not picked up will be considered forfeited with no credits or refunds. If you are experiencing a hardship, you may call the location on your invoice to possibly schedule a special circumstance pickup if items have not already been recycled, however, any calls made AFTER the end of the second pickup day on your invoice, should not be expected to be available. Unfortunately we do not have the space to hold items for late pickups. Items left behind without being paid will result in bidder privileges being revoked.

All auction pickup information will be on our website under the auction that you’re bidding on. Simply click on the details link. You will also see pick-up dates, times and location on the invoice that is emailed to you at the end of the auction.

Every time you log-in to bid, a $1 dollar verification is temporarily bounced off your credit card on file to ensure the cardholder is the actual owner of the card being used for your account. It is only an authorization. This prevents users from using stolen credit cards and allows local law enforcement to view our customer activity giving them the ability to prevent any fraudulent activity. It is a safety measure and all $1 charges are ONLY temporary and will expire within the same day.

There are several reasons an auction house charge a buyer’s premium. For most auction houses, the buyer’s premium helps to cover the costs of running the auction house and its ongoing auctions since most items begin at $1, the premium helps to ensure that product will be available for the next auction. There are many costs that go into an auction house that people don’t consider or even know about. These costs include building rental, equipment, auction software (to keep track of items for both the seller and the buyer), advertising & marketing, staff wages, auction house set-up, time spent taking pictures and creating on-line catalogs for the auction, and general upkeep of electronic equipment. Many of our auctions are hosted for sellers. Bulldog’s resources are partially covered by this premium.

If you are unable to preview. You are obligated to honor your purchase. Many auction houses only allow the ability to visually estimate the value of the item they are bidding on. We allow you to come in and plug and play and closely examine items you’re interested in. If you chose not to, you are bidding in the blind, assuming all responsibility. Many items can be evaluated visually but some may require testing.

At the end of every auction, your invoice will be charged first thing the following morning and your invoice will be emailed to the email you added to your bidder account. If you do not see an invoice the following morning, check your junk or spam folders and add us to your address book.